Hi everyone! I'm Fernando Franco. I'm italian, but I live in Zurich (Switzerland) since 2015. I'm currently working at Varian Medical Systems as Senior Software Engineer. Please read the following sections if you want to know more about me.


After classical studies at high school, I decided to follow my passion for computers and technology studying Computer Science at University of Florence. I received my BASc in 2006 and my MSc in 2009. Once gratuated, I started collaborating as Computer Scientist with the Media Integration and Communication Center, a center of excellence of the University of Florence, focusing my research activity on Computer Vision and Image Processing. At the end of this collaboration (2013) I held a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering under the guidance of Prof. Alberto Del Bimbo, focusing my studies on Computer Vision, Image Processing and Machine Learning.


Continuous learning has been the biggest motivator througout my career as Software Engineer. My professional path started in General Electric and has continued in other well established companies such as Bombardier, ABB and now Varian Medical System. If you want to know more about my career, check my resume.


I'm happily married with Alba and we have two kids Francesco and Caterina. I โค๏ธ my family!

alba kids


Travel is one of the thing that truly makes me happy. I've been always interested in geography, history and cultures. I started discovering Europe with Interrail tickets and I then continued visiting Africa, Asia and Oceania.

ayers marocco canguri

This is the list of countries I visited so farโ€ฆ Can you recognize all flags? ๐Ÿ˜Š


I like practicing many sports and activities like ski, hiking, running and snorkelling, but my real passion is football. I'm currently trainer of the G-Juniores of FC Unterstrasse in Zurich.

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AS Roma

Last but not least, I'm a great supporter of AS Roma football team. For several years I had my season ticket at Olympic Stadium in Roma and even now that I'm living abroad I don't miss any match at TV. I inherited this passion from my granpa and now is my turn to transmit it to my children.

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